Seasonal Vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations 2019

The government is providing the seasonal flu vaccination (free of charge) for the following groups of patients through their GP:

  • Patients aged 65 years and over; will receive a vaccine which is recommended specifically for patients aged 65 years and over. Studies show this adjuvanted trivalent vaccine is more effective for older patients.
  • Patients under 65 years of age in certain clinical at risk groups; will receive a quadrivalent vaccine. This vaccine offers protection against four strains of influenza (most previous vaccines offered protection against just three strains if influenza).  Risk groups include pregnant women and patients with certain long term conditions such as diabetes and COPD.
  • (Unfortunately the vaccine for the under 65 years group has been delayed due to the World Health Organisation decision to delay the selection of the flu strains to be included in the vaccine. When you contact the surgery to book your vaccination you will be asked your age, this will enable us to book your slot in the correct clinic when vaccinations will be available for you.)

View the full list of “at risk” groups, eligible for seasonal flu vaccination government list.

  • Children aged 2 and 3 years at 31st August 2019; will receive a vaccine which is usually given as a nasal spray.

The seasonal flu vaccination is also available to patients of any age who are: Carers of older or at-risk patients, healthcare workers and patients living in long-stay residential care homes.

Our flu clinics (at our 3 sites) are for all patients entitled to a free jab (except children, who will be seen in separate clinics) will begin late September, continuing during October and November.

Booking is essential and will begin in September. Each patient gets an individual appointment time, please contact the surgery on 01263 712461, pop into any of our Surgeries (please ring after 11:30 in the morning, when the telephone lines are less busy), or use the online services portals Patient Access or NHS App to book online at your convenience.

If you do not receive a text or letter, your records indicate that you are not eligible for a free vaccination. Even if you have had a flu jab previously, you may not be entitled to a free jab unless you meet this year’s criteria.

Kelling Pharmacy will have a limited number of flu vaccinations available for eligible patients and private jabs for those who are not eligible under NHS rules.

There is no need to book, there is free parking, just turn up and ask for the flu jab. The Kelling Pharmacy stocks will be available on a first come first served basis from October onwards.

Shingles Vaccination Winter 2019

These will be available, free of charge, for the following patients (who have not previously had a shingles vaccination);

  • Patients aged 70 or 78 – these patients become eligible AFTER they have turned 70 or 78 during 2019.
  • Patients who were eligible in previous years’ vaccination programmes (not yet vaccinated) remain eligible until their 80th birthday.

The surgery will write to all eligible patients inviting them to have their shingles vaccination in special clinics. Where clinically appropriate, these patients will also be able to have their flu vaccination at the same time (one vaccination in each arm).

Pneumonia Vaccinations 2019

These are available free of charge for the following groups of patients;

  • Patients aged 65 years and over.
  • Patients under 65 years of age in certain clinical at risk groups (such as patients with certain respiratory conditions e.g.COPD and Heart disease).

The pneumococcal vaccine protect against pneumococcal infections caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumonia.  It particularly affects the very young, the elderly and those with impaired immunity or chronic conditions.

Please enquire if you are eligible for this vaccination, it can be given at any time throughout the year and will be administered by a Practice nurse.