Non-NHS Work

Some certificates and examinations are not covered under the work we provide under our NHS contract. These are referred to as “non-NHS Services” or “private services” and a fee is charged for these.

To ensure that our time and resources are properly managed we will often ask for payment in advance.

Some common examples of work that would carry a charge are listed below. These are guide prices and we reserve the right to alter them where it is reasonable to do so. These costs will be discussed with patients in advance of work being carried out.

If you want to discuss the cost of any non-NHS work that does not appear on the list below you can message the practice online.

Fees are payable in person by card or cash at Holt Medical Practice or Melton Constable, or call reception to pay over the phone.


Service Amount 

Inclusive VAT?

Fitness to Travel letter/certificate
Jury Service Exemption letter
Sickness notification letter
Short miscellaneous letter to organisation
£30 Yes
Occupational Health Hep B (course of 3) £150 Yes
Shotgun license form/letter £50 Yes
BUPA / PPP / private claim form
Holiday cancellation certificate
Insurance claim for accident sickness
Detailed miscellaneous letter to organisation
£48-£85 (discuss with GP first) Yes
Reports for medical insurance – cost dependent on complexity of report required £75 – £200 Varies
Driver Medicals (HGV, PSV, Taxi, Boatman)
Racing Drivers Medical (including ECG)
Power of Attorney (at the Surgery)
Power of Attorney (patient visited at home)
Mental Capacity (patient not visited)
Mental Capacity (patient visited at home)
Court of Protection (COP3)